Restarting G8BBC: The London BBC Radio Group

This is a new group of radio amateurs and SWLs at the BBC, which has an amateur radio heritage dating back to 1949. We are an independent group, hosted by BBC Engineering, and are in the process of installing our new shack, and rigging antennas on the roof of Broadcasting House, London.

We have 15 members at present, some of whom you will have seen or heard on BBC TV and Radio, or who are working behind the scenes in various programme and engineering departments. We have a wide range of membership categories covering permanent, freelance, and retired staff. Guest/associate memberships are considered.

We plan to be on the air by spring of 2017 on HF bands 40m to 10m, and VHF 2m.

On 24th March we carried out the RF survey on the roof of BH to reassure BBC Engineering that we will not cause them any QRM. This picture shows Jon M5AEO with BBC Engineer Mike Parkins making test transmissions on 144Mhz FM:


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