The G8BBC Opening

The new G8BBC shack, in “Arthur Askey’s flat” at the top of the BBC’s Broadcasting House in London, has just been opened by BBC Director General Lord Tony Hall.

After cutting the ribbon at the door to the new radio room housing the club station, Lord Hall passed a greetings message over the air on the 40 metre band to another heritage station, GB2RN on board the Imperial War Museum ship HMS Belfast in the Pool of London.  Volunteer radio operator Jorgen Faxholm, M0AXP, was on board to acknowledge the DG’s message, and sent congratulations to the reactivated BBC station.

After the transmission, the Director General was presented with honorary
membership of the London BBC Radio Group, bringing numbers up to 36.
The event was well attended, with TV programme “TX Factor” and radio
podcast “ICQ” recording the opening for future broadcast. Representatives from
Practical Wireless and the RSGB were also present.

See and hear media coverage of the radio shack opening:

Full photos from the opening in this Flickr album by member Graham White.

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